Bondic Review

If you always have trouble dealing with the glues you use, such as the lack of curing and even sticking to your hands. It’s time to switch to a revolutionary liquid plastic welder called Bondic

Bondic Review
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This product is more than just glue. It’s something you’re looking for that cures and bonds perfectly in less than a minute. So no matter what type of substance you wish to replace or restore, you can rely on this smart product. 

You might be familiar with this brand, as seen in the news. Or you’ve seen it on social media with 25k+ followers on Facebook and 8.8k+ followers on Instagram. Their strong branding makes every person who lands on their page feel confident. 

To find out how well it works and whether it’s effective enough to use, stick close to us at Bondic review. Keep on scrolling!

Why Bondic?

Before going to the next section, why don’t we talk about what exactly plastic welding is? Alright, plastic welding is a tool that helps to fix broken plastic parts more economically.

This technique is considered much more effective than regular adhesive, which requires the application of heat and pressure, along with fast drying. Just like Bondic, which simplifies filling and bonding using four easy steps: clean, fill, cure, and shape.

Additionally, the other benefits you’ll find include:


  • It can control adhesive strength
  • Filling and selling are pretty easy 
  • It’s suitable on different surfaces
  • Resistant to UV, water, and heat, plus
  • Highly resistant to acid, lacquers, lubricants, and oils

What's On Bondic

The most popular products include Bondic Pro UV resin kit and UV glue, which received more than 10k sales on the official website and the Amazon online store.

It is also available with bundle packages to make it even easier and more pocket-friendly, such as:

All products work best on any surface, especially clean and oil-free ones. For details on the application, jump into the next section.

Bondic Starter Kit Review

The Starter Kit pack is a real deal to begin your painless restoration anywhere you are. It comes with everything you need, including a 4mL tube, UV LED, as well as an instruction manual. 

Bondic Starter Kit Review
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It’s great for fixing everything, like glasses, toys, jewelry, phone chargers, furniture, and instruments. It will stay in place until you illuminate it using UV light to dry in a few minutes.

With compact UV LED, there’s no need to worry about the risk of the resin sticking to your clothes and skin. You can customize the consistency level to create a permanent bond or filling. That’s exactly what regular glue can’t do.

The best part? It’s completely waterproof, making it very safe to put in the dishwasher. All you have to do is ensure the ties are strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Moreover, the convenient travel case makes it easy to put it in your pocket and take it anywhere along the way you go. You can purchase refills in a single pack or 5 packs when it’s empty.

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8.0 8/10
Ease of use
9.0 9/10

How To Use Bondic

First thing first, take the tube out of the case. Next, check the UV led by separating it from its orange head. Drag the button from top to bottom to turn on the UV led.

Make sure the surface you would like to repair is clean and dry. Then you can open the lid of the tube to begin welding. The liquid will remain the same until you let it dry using the led light by pointing it directly. It’s so easy, huh?

For sure, you don’t need to wait any longer, and no wonder at all. It works like a 3 d printer, even transparent liquid will not destroy the surface color.

If you’re still unsure about the applications, read the instruction carefully while watching some videos at for easy explanation. 

Bondic Price

At Bondic, every customer is guaranteed quality and unbeatable prices. Each UV liquid costs $19.99, and bundle packages are available starting from $24. If you want refills, you can purchase them confidently at $8.99.

The good news? You can grab $5 off on your first purchase by joining the email list with your email address. The exclusive coupon code will be sent immediately to your email.

Bondic Vs. Super Glue

Still arguing which one is the best, Bondic or Super Glue? Alright, let’s find out the quick comparisons in the following table below:

  Bondic Super Glue
Solvent-free ?
Waterproof  Yes, but not enough 
Heat resistant X
Control over hardening ?
User-friendly ?
Shelf-life  ?

Overall, the table above shows that the quality of the Bondic UV liquid is unmatched and reliable. This unique adhesive will turn the liquid into a hard plastic.

Bondic Pros & Cons

Not all products are created perfectly. There must be two different sides: the advantages and drawbacks. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the brands you can think of.

Bondic Pros 

  • It’s a great adhesive with unique UV light 
  • Fast drying and delivering strong bonds 
  • Safe to use on any surface
  • Available to ship around the world
  • 30 money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • Excellent customer support 

Bondic Cons 

  • A little expensive 

Is Bondic Worth To Buy?

Yes! This stuff works as advertised. This amazing adhesive is pretty easy to use and completely safe to apply without affecting your skin. You won’t find any non-toxic there. 

Even better, this liquid can be dyed with powder colors to match the color of the surface you are fixing. Simply use a toothpick and mix carefully. Use the right thickness for a solid finish.

Bondic Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To emphasize our statement above on its functionality and quality, let us show you some testimonials for your consideration. There are 7,804 customer reviews on Amazon, which give 4/5 ratings for this UV liquid.

Starting from the first customer who’s really happy with this stuff. He agreed with the fast curing on every bonding. He said: 

Particularly for small repairs, this product is fantastic! Holding the affected parts for a short time while curing the glue is not a problem. Any other product is iffy and requires a long drying time.

Another satisfied customer said this product is highly efficient with a sleek handle. It can reach out to almost areas with ease. She explained:

This is great for small targeted joints where it’s difficult to hold the parts together for some curring time. The glue hardens in seconds of UV exposure. The UV light lasts plenty long enough. Also can build up layers, curing each in seconds, to cover larger gaps or areas. This is my second set

One customer found the compact design is user- friendly makes it easy to handle. As he said: 

I am in love with this stuff! It has single-handedly resurrected my modeling hobby… It really is simple. The “glue” is thick and forgiving, easily laying seams, and it really only takes a few seconds of light for the stuff to set …

Overall, the testimonials above should answer your doubts about this product. It’s also possible to find other honest reviews on the “testimonials” page of the website.

How To Contact Bondic

If you still have questions that can’t be answered in this review, contact customer care 24/7 to request assistance. Here are the following easy ways to reach the team:

Please note that all messages will be immediately answered on Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. 

Bondic Freight Boy

4450 Witmer Industrial Est Ste 4
Niagara Falls NY 14305-1391
United States

Where To Buy Bondic

Bondic is pretty easy to find in online stores. You can buy the products through its official website or marketplace, such as Amazon or Home Depot. 


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you might land on when searching for Bondic reviews on Google.

Does Bondic Really Work?

Absolutely, yes! It does really work. The bonds it creates have full control and lead to all-around improvements. This product allows you to fix all kinds of impossible things to get right with regular glue.

How Long Does It Take For Bondic To Cure?

It only needs seconds to complete the hardening process. Point the UV light at the glue correctly, so it dries quickly. 

What Materials Does Bondic Work?

It is suitable to bond a wide range of materials such as plastic, PVC, figurines, polypropylene, rubber, metal, wood, rubber, leather, fabric, and many more. 

Can Bondic Be Removed?

Of course, any residue that remains around can be removed easily with scrapers. It will push to come off cleanly and safely.


Now you no longer have to struggle to repair your broken items. Bondic UV liquid plastic welder comes to provide the perfect solution for your needs. It’s the best innovation for hassle-free adhesive usage.

Apart from that, this product is safe for children (over 12 years) as it doesn’t use harmful ingredients. It’s also dishwasher friendly. Not to mention, it’s resistant to sunlight after hardening. Buy them now and fix your items in no time!

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