PowerSmart USA Review

PowerSmart USA is a company that specializes in manufacturing innovative outdoor power equipment and household tools. It is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois. 

PowerSmart USA Review
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Since its establishment in the 1990s, the company has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality products while combining function and simplicity of design. They use patented technology and smart features for better performance. 

With more than 5000 selling items on its official website and marketplace, the brand has successfully entered the outdoor tools industry. Not to mention its popularity on social media, with 1.2k followers on Instagram and almost 1k+ followers on Facebook. 

If you are interested in its features, everything you’ll find in the PowerSmart USA review. We’ll break down the three best-selling collections: lawn mowers, snow blowers, and generators.

Let’s get started!

Why PowerSmart USA?

Before jumping into the product review, it’s better to find out the reason why you need to buy at PowerSmart. Well, the brand gives you an easy-to-use machine featuring a sophisticated look that solves your task. 

With PowerSmart USA, you will enjoy a satisfying shopping experience without breaking the bank. Take a closer look at the following highlight: 


  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • 5-stars testimonials 
  • Offers discounts of up to 40% off 
  • Excellent customer service 

What's On PowerSmart USA

Currently, PowerSmart USA has five incredible machine collections to enjoy hassle-free gardening work. Each tool serves a different function, as well as the engine and drive type. 

Here are the collections you can choose from:

Other than that, PowerSmart offers a wide range of replacement parts and accessories sold separately to complete your tool.  

Alright, we will look closer at the three best sellers we mentioned above so you can determine which one you need the most. 

PowerSmart Snow Blowers Review

The first best-selling product we’re going to review is Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower equipped with 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine.

PowerSmart Snow Blowers Review
Image credit: powersmartusa.com
powersmartusa.com https://powersmartusa.com

With an electric start and a Briggs & Stratton 250cc gasoline engine, this snow blower allows you to use it like a breeze on the coldest winter days. Perfect for heavy snowfall as it can throw snow up to 40 ft

It features self-propelled to enjoy drive control with 6 forward speed controls and 2 reverse speed controls, sloped, easy to drive on flat surfaces, and 13-inch inflatable snow tires. It enables you to clear snow effortlessly on uneven trains. 

More advanced features can be found, such as heated handles to keep your hands from freezing, LED safety lights for lighting in dark places, etc. 

It costs $899.99, or save 24% off for $679.99 if you purchase from now on. And add snow blower parts such as upper drive cable, safety key, or flange nylon nut M8, which are sold separately at the best price. 

Or, if you want other models, we suggest you buy 80V battery Two-Stage Self Propelled Cordless Snow Blower or 40V 18” Single-Stage Cordless Snow Blower.


  • Dimensions: 31.1″ x 24.6″ x 23.8″
  • Clearing: 24″ W x 20″ H
  • Engine oil capacity: 20.29 fl. oz
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.5 Gallon
  • Start system: 120V Electric/recoil
  • Tire size: 13″

PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Review

For the second product, let’s meet Gas Self-propelled 209cc Lawn Mower Black, an excellent selection for quick and precise lawn trimming work. 

PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Review
Image credit: powersmartusa.com
powersmartusa.com https://powersmartusa.com

It comes with 209CC 4-cycle powerful gas engine and 21″ cutting deck to deliver perfect cutting results. Also, you will notice a recoil starter that makes it super easy to start the engine quickly. 

With its self-propelled, you’ll mow more easily with its 5-position cutting height adjustment from 1.18″ to 3″. That’s why this machine is suitable for all types of grass in the sizable yard. 

What’s more, it has 3-in-1 versatility, including side discharge, mulching, and a rear bag to collect dry grass and leaves. That’s great!

So, get it now at a discount price (14% off) from $349.99 becomes $299.99. If you prefer a different color, try the Gas Push 209cc Lawn Mower (black-red) or the other series like Cordless Electric Lawn Mower F4017.


  • Cutting Width: 21″
  • Wheel Diameter: Front
  • Mowing Height: 1.18″ – 3″
  • Grass Bag: 15.9 Gal

PowerSmart Generators Review

Next up, this 4400W Inverter Gas Generator is great for your outdoor adventure. It features 4400 peak watts/3500 running watts, and 4500 surge watts. 

PowerSmart Generators Review
Image credit: powersmartusa.com
powersmartusa.com https://powersmartusa.com

It is equipped with a 4-stroke engine that will provide optimum performance. Also, it features 68db running on maximum power, which makes it ideal for camping. 

In addition, it has a capacity of 2.54 gallons which loads for up to 22 hours. Plus, the use of the parallel operation system will increase the total power output. It is sold separately. 

Save 27% off now for $549.99 instead of $749.99


  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Fuel Tank: 2.54 gallons
  • Volume Level: 68 dB at 23 Feet
  • Weight: 70.8 lbs
  • Quarter-Load Runtime: 22 Hours

PowerSmart USA Price

Lucky you, PowerSmart USA is offering exclusive discounts this season. You can claim up to 40% off on each selected item. So check the front page and pick your favorite tools with ease. 

In terms of price, each product has an average price ranging from $600 to $1000, depending on the type and power used in each product. 

If you run out of special sales, you still get savings by entering the discount code that you can find on the website or subscribing to the newsletter for the latest deals. 

PowerSmart USA Pros & Cons

After reviewing the details of products and their functions, we’ll point out the advantages and disadvantages of the brand to explore both sides. 

PowerSmart USA Pros 

  • It has plenty of choice of models 
  • It has good performance 
  • Easy to use 
  • Each product comes with special features 
  • Best value for the money 

PowerSmart USA Cons 

  • Some customer might get problem with the instruction 

Is PowerSmart USA Worth To Buy?

If you’re looking for a professional yard tool solution, the only answer is PowerSmart USA. This brand is indeed worth your investment with its exceptional quality and amazing features. 

Even better, they offer dependable customer service to help with any issues regarding the brand or other products. Another plus is choosing from various models is much more easier with details information provided in each page product. 

PowerSmart USA Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Wondering what customers have to say about this brand? Well, we’ve found some testimonials from its website and Amazon customer reviews, as follows:

For the first review, one happy buyer really admires the Snow blower, which has excellent power and features that make it much more convenient to use. He said:

This snowblower is fantastic! I have used it twice now and it has great power and is easy to start by hand or electric. Just make sure to connect the cord before you attach the handle. Btw, I live in Wisconsin so we get lots of snow! This blower handles it with no problem!

Another customer also expressed his excitement after purchasing the Lawn Mower. He mentioned that the easy instruction helped him a lot. He left a comment:

The Powersmart push mower arrived in only a few days, in good condition. Assembly was simple and instructions easy to follow. A bottle of oil is included. Height adjustment is effortless …

Next, another satisfied buyer agreed that the portable and compact design of the generator makes it easy to carry around. She said:

This generator is all I want. It’s well-made & sturdy yet compact & easy to move. I don’t have to worry if I’m home alone when it’s needed as even with mobility issues I’ve been able to maneuver it without much difficulty …

Overall, most customers gave positive comments on each product and found that these products are distributed in the finest quality as claimed. So there is no doubt about this product so far. 

PowerSmart USA Customer Service

How Do I Contact PowerSmart?

If you need any help dealing with product details, warranty, or other issues, drop a message to the email address below: 

Alternatively, call them through the phone number at 1-888-293-0024 or 1-800-791-9458 during business hours, from Monday -Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm EST. 

PowerSmart USA Address 

1131 W Bryn Mawr Ave.
Itasca, IL 60143, United States

PowerSmart Warranty Registration

At PowerSmart, they guarantee all items are free from defects in material or workmanship for three years after the date of purchase. It means you’ll get 3 years of warranty on every purchase. 

To claim the warranty, please contact customer support to confirm your request. It is required to include a legible copy of the original receipts. Otherwise, the warranty is void. 

For further info, check the details on the Warranty Policy Page

Where To Buy PowerSmart USA

To ensure the quality and service, we suggest you purchase through the PowerSmart website. You can even get a chance to shop at the best prices with crazy sales. 


When searching for PowerSmart USA, the following Frequently Asked Questions are needed for most customers. Check it out!

Who Manufactures PowerSmart?

Amerisun Inc. is the company behind PowerSmart USA. 

Where Is PowerSmart Manufactured?

PowerSmart is manufactured in Itasca, Illinois. 

What Kind Of Engine Is PowerSmart?

You can find many kinds of engines in PowerSmart, such as the Briggs & Stratton Engine.


Get all your outdoor work done in no time by using PowerSmart USA tools and machines. All its products are specially designed to make every user feel much more at ease.

Select the right tools that suit your needs by examining the details of the features and power used. And you have to follow the guidelines to start scooping up the snow or clearing the grass with just one push. 

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