Mosaic Tile Outlet Reviews

The floor foundation of a property is vital to hold the building’s sturdiness. To help you with a more good-looking floor, Mosaic Tile Outlet offers premium designs and options for whatever room in your place. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Reviews
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This company does not mention any information about the founder. But, it is a leader in the tile industry with more than 15 years of experience. It offers a smooth purchasing experience in tiles and porcelains from the official website. 

Moreover, the live shopper is lucky because they can see the product directly from the Miami warehouse. You’ll find well-made porcelains at reasonable prices. Even better, they vary from modular, arabesque, hexagon, etc. 

The company may not feature yet in the press publication. However, its loyal customers reach 10.5K on Instagram and 19K on Facebook. The number is huge, meaning many people are satisfied with the quality and service. 

Thus, this article will break down how worthy it is to buy products from the Mosaic Tile Outlet review. You may keep reading till the end of the section and make your assessment. So let’s begin the reading without further ado! 

Why Shop at Mosaic Tile Outlet?

The previous brief introduction allows you to see how powerful the company is. However, is there another strength you must know? Definitely, yes! 

Why Shop at Mosaic Tile Outlet?
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Here are the plus points you can see from this Miami-based company. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Highlights 

  • The industry leader in tiles and porcelains distributors 
  • A factory direct company leading over 15 years of experience 
  • Premium designs yet offer reasonable prices 
  • Always-in-stock tiles to serve anytime 
  • Sourced-locally materials with high-quality visuals 
  • Most products receive over 4/5 ratings from customers 

What's on Mosaic Tile Outlet

This company wants you to have an easy access shopping experience. When you visit the official website, you’ll see some categorizations starting from the color, pattern, finish, and types of tiles

What's on Mosaic Tile Outlet
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Generally, this company offers tiles for your property decoration and the pool. However, this Mosaic Tile Outlet review will enroll only on the best-selling to give you solid insights into the company. Here they are: 

Let’s skip the chit-chat and start the discussion right away! 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Grey White Matte Porcelain Reviews

Are you searching for distressed porcelain for your property? If so, choosing this Grey White Matte Porcelain can be the best option. This 9 mm thick tile is one of the trending designs that many home designers and contractors love. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Grey White Matte Porcelain Reviews
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Each tile size is 6 x 6 cm. This square and modern product has a matte finish. In addition, you can purchase the sample if you’re unsure of the quality. Once you fix your mind, you can buy it in one box containing 22 pcs tiles. 

Furthermore, the old-world graphic seems antique for every edge of the property. It is functional for use on any wall, floor, or wet area. Thus, this tile can decorate the backsplash and your pool with an abstract yet fascinating look. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Linear Beige Travertine Mosaic Tile Reviews

Are you the type of person who dislikes complicated things? If you are, consider purchasing this peel-and-stick mosaic to decorate your property. Its traditional style is 7.5 mm thick and 10.83 x 11.69 in size. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Linear Beige Travertine Mosaic Tile Reviews
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Linear Beige Travertine Mosaic Tile has an earthy tone and classic style. In addition, the glazed and travertine finish allows you to DIY any creation. You can use the tile for residential and commercial use. 

Remember that it does not suit wet areas. Instead, you can utilize it for interior walls and backsplash. Then, prepare the budget and buy this 0.88 square feet single sheet to decorate your house more elegantly! 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Squares Blue Green Glossy Glass Tile Reviews

This final 1 x 1 cm pool tile design will give the translucent clear water look. Squares Blue Green Glossy Glass Tile is perfect for commercial and residential use. Moreover, the shades of blue and green will be suspended in the glass. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Squares Blue Green Glossy Glass Tile Reviews
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This 11.75 x 11.75 size tile has 8 mm thick. With a glass material and glossy finish, your pool will look more mesmerizing under the sun. Furthermore, this product is flexible to be installed on walls, pools, and wet areas

The design allows you to be more creative in creating a better look. Not to mention one box contains 9 squares. Thus, you can save money by purchasing this premium-look of tile at the most affordable price. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Pricing

You may be worried since house renovation is not cheap. However, you can relieve because this company offers reasonable box or sample prices. To make it easier to understand, here is the price table:

Product  Size  Price 
Grey White Matte Porcelain 1-box $89.99 $51.99
  Sample size $4.99
Linear Beige Travertine Mosaic Tile Single sheet $16.99 $6.99
  Sample size  $4.99
Squares Blue Green Glossy Glass Tile Box of 9 sheets $305.99 $80
  Sample size $4.99

Furthermore, the company is generous by providing a free sample. You may apply this FREESAMPLE coupon code at checkout to get the bonus. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and receive special coupons. Then, start shipping! 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Pros and Cons

Wondering what strengths and flaws this company has? Here is the comparison so that you can understand it thoroughly! 


  • High-quality tiles and porcelains for your property 
  • Offers sample and one-box pack 
  • Affordable price 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free US standard shipping fee for purchases over $125 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Gets many good feedbacks from customers 


  • Hidden company profile 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Customer Reviews

Digging deeper into a brand is easy. Why so? Because you can see how satisfied the customers are by looking at the product’s rating. So let’s do the same method for this company! 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Customer Reviews
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First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned tiles: 

What do the customers think? Below is one example:

Purchased this for my pool and I cannot wait to install it! The shipping was fast, and every item was packaged nicely. The customer service is also great!

This customer is delighted because his purchase comes safely with fast shipping. He is also thankful because the team is helpful. 

Another customer said: 

The tiles arrived quickly, and are similar with the image, and a third of the cost of tiles from the near-me local tile store. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks a lot!

This customer can’t stop smiling because his purchase comes faster and has the accurate visual as the picture. Even better, the price is affordable, making him happy! 

Simply put, Mosaic Tile Outlet successfully provides high-quality products with fast shipping and reasonable prices. Therefore, customers are satisfied with their purchase! 

Is Mosaic Tile Outlet Worth It?

You must be lucky because this worth-checking out Mosaic Tile Outlet exists to decorate your property more beautifully. Indeed, it is a fantastic company that has trending tile designs for commercial and residential use. 

Is Mosaic Tile Outlet Worth It?
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In addition, you can trust its quality because many customers prove its efficacy. You may buy it online or visit the showroom to see its authentic product. Thus, are you ready to place an order and start decorating? 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Shipping Policy

The team will send your order immediately if it is placed before 3 PM. What about the destination? Luckily, it ships internationally and provides shipping for large orders. 

US orders over $125 will get a free shipping perk. Meanwhile, international orders must contact the team at for more information. 

Once your order ships, check your email for a tracking number. Please allow 1 to 5 business days for UPS to send your package. Suppose you face a problem, don’t hesitate to ask the team at the same email address. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Return Policy

You may not love the products, and well, it is normal. If you do, please get in touch with the team at and tell them your intention to return within 30 days of delivery

Once you send the returned product, the team will inspect it at the warehouse. This return features a 25% restocking fee. However, you can omit the cost if you send the team an image of your finished decoration. 

Where to Buy Mosaic Tile Outlet

This company is the only one-stop-shop you can destine for buying tiles and porcelains. So if you want to purchase the products, you may choose 2 methods: online or live shopping

The official website is ready to assist you with online orders. Meanwhile, the following address is the near-me store you can go to for live shopping. 

Mosaic Tile Outlet Address Location 
2301 NW 84th Ave Ste B,
Miami, FL 33122

Mosaic Tile Outlet Contact

Do you want to get closer to customer service? If you do, feel free to contact them on the following methods. 

Live Chat on the official website is another option if you need a faster response. Customer service is available Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Furthermore, you may also visit the official store from the address mentioned earlier. 


Striving in house decoration is a traditional way. Nowadays, people choose a more modern method by purchasing tiles of the utmost quality from Mosaic Tile Outlet. You can follow their moves to be more efficient. 

Moreover, you can buy the sample first suppose you aren’t sure about the quality. Not to mention the shipping fee perk is available for all US orders over $125. So, will you buy the tiles now or wait till the stock runs out? 

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