Wallpaper Direct Reviews

Who are Wallpaper Direct?

Wallpaper Direct is a subsidiary company of C. Brewers & Sons, Ltd. This artsy brand was founded in 1999, offering 11K paper collections and 4K wallpaper patterns. In addition, it is one of the biggest suppliers in the UK mainland. 

Wallpaper Direct Reviews
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facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect https://facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect

This company gains much customer trust, resulting in 40K orders every month. Whether a beginner or a professional in-home decorator, you can rely on this company to find high-quality wallpapers

Furthermore, it offers wallpapers and murals for all rooms. You’ll find patterns coming from an English artist from Morris & Co, which is contemporary yet antique. As a result, you can choose the one you need the most for your house. 

It may not feature yet in the press and magazine. However, it has many followers on social media! For example, its Facebook features 104K followers and 119K others on Instagram, which is enormous! 

If you’re searching for a UK wallpaper supplier, read this Wallpaper Direct review. But first, let’s see what kind of strength point you can find in this company. Then, let’s dive in! 

Why Shop at Wallpaper Direct?

This company may not be featured yet in the famous press, but it has another strength for all customers. So, what kind of plus points does it offer? 

Why Shop at Wallpaper Direct?
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facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect https://facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect

Here is the thing you must know. 

Wallpaper Direct Highlights 

  • Wallpaper supplier based in the UK 
  • Suitable for all rooms with easy installation 
  • Provides click-and-collect products from the Brewers’ outlets 
  • Gives away 2 free samples worth £1/each
  • Ships to UK only 
  • Free UK mainland shipping fee for orders over £100+ 
  • Offers free, easy return within 14 days 
  • Receives many 5-star ratings from customers 

What's On Wallpaper Direct

Home decoration varies, and you may need everything to recreate a better look at your house. Then, please don’t hesitate to rely on this company because it offers many categories. What are they? 

What's On Wallpaper Direct
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facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect https://facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect

Below are 12 categories you’ll see on the official website: 

Wallpapers Murals Curtains
Blinds Fabrics Beddings
Cushions Finishing Touches Lampshades
Rugs  Stickers Paste & Tools 

If you prefer the brand, you can click the Brand menu tab. You’ll see famous ones such as Morris & Co, inspired by William Morris. But since it is too much, this Wallpaper Direct review will focus only on the following products: 

Then, let’s delve into the first product review now! 

Wallpaper Direct Strawberry Thief Wallpaper Reviews

Are you a fan of William Morris? If you do, this Strawberry Thief is perfect for your house! This product was initially a fabric designed in the 1883 century. In addition, it is the iconic choice of Morris & Co

Wallpaper Direct Strawberry Thief Wallpaper Reviews
Image credit: wallpaperdirect.com
wallpaperdirect.com https://wallpaperdirect.com

You’ll see strawberries and thrushes, an original idea of the British artist and poet. It features an ink colorway with a 0.52 x 10.05 m in length.

This wallpaper is made of non-woven paper with green, blue, and pink shade combinations. Thus, where will you paste this product on the wall in your room? 

Wallpaper Direct Wisteria Garden Mural Reviews

Do you find the wallpaper too much? If so, you may want to hang a mural instead in your room. This Wisteria Garden Mural is perfect for a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. You can place it on a wall to refresh your mind for a while. 

Wallpaper Direct Wisteria Garden Mural Reviews
Image credit: wallpaperdirect.com
wallpaperdirect.com https://wallpaperdirect.com

In addition, the hanging process is easy. You can paste it on your desired wall, and everything’s set! This mural is 3 m in width and 2.8 m in length. Suppose it is too wide for your room; you can cut it and match the measurement. 

Its design is luxurious yet elegant, with wisteria and laden flower designs. With a shady purple and white, this choice is the one you need to decorate your girl’s room. 

Wallpaper Direct Paintable White Reviews

Some of you may not be fond of colorful wallpaper. Well, if you do, this Paintable White is the answer. You can paste the paper to the wall and paint it based on your preferred color. 

Wallpaper Direct Paintable White Reviews
Image credit: wallpaperdirect.com
wallpaperdirect.com https://wallpaperdirect.com

In addition, it has a textured pattern to make your property more stunning. The random plaster effect allows you to hang it as soon as possible. 

This paintable is 0.53 m in width and 10.05 m in length. Thus, it will be perfect if you like an elegant look with luxurious furniture. 

Wallpaper Direct Pricing

Renovating a house requires a lot of budget, as does buying the wallpaper. To decrease the budget, measure the length you need for the wall renovation. Below is the budget range and size for the abovementioned products. 

Product  Size Price 
Strawberry Thief Wallpaper  0.52 x 10.05 m £115 £86.25
Wisteria Garden Mural  3 x 2.8 m  £250
Paintable White  0.53 x 10.05 m £11.50

Wallpaper Direct Sale and Discount Code 2023

  • Subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive vouchers
  • Save 20% on Made-to-Measure Curtains and Blinds
  • Get special discounts on the Offers menu  
  • Free 2 samples on every purchase 
  • Free UK shipping fee for £100+ purchase 
  • etc. 

You can use the available promo code to gain a lower price. Then, are you ready to get the offer?

Wallpaper Direct Pros and Cons

To provide you with a more profound understanding, the following pros and cons will give you more insights about the brand. Then, let’s get on the list! 


  • Classic to trendy wallpaper trends 
  • Offers long measurement and samples 
  • Ships to the UK mainland and offers free shipping 
  • 14-day return policy 
  • Returns are available online and at the nearest Brewers local stores 


  • Orders to the US, Canada, India, and Australia must visit different domain 

Wallpaper Direct Customer Reviews

First, you must know that Wallpaper Direct does not mention ratings or testimonials on the official website. However, it obtains a 4.8/5 rating out of 37K testimonials on Trustpilot. What exactly do they say after their purchases?

Wallpaper Direct Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect
facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect https://facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect

Here is one example: 

It is a beautiful paper at a great price, sent with care, and has substantial packaging to insure it does not promote any issues. 

This customer said the wallpaper she received is terrific, carefully sent, and has no issue. 

Another customer says: 

This wallpaper is well-priced, good quality, and it arrived in a fast manner. So impressed.

This customer stated that her wallpaper has good quality. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced and arrives quickly at her door. 

Meanwhile, the last statement says: 

This wallpaper turned out so great. It came in a great shape and on-time. No complaints. 

Luckily, this customer’s experience is also good. Her purchases come safely and on time, which is excellent quality! 

In short, Wallpaper Direct has strived to provide the best quality for all customers. As a result, people are satisfied either with the product or with the service. 

Is Wallpaper Direct Worth It?

Undeniably, Wallpaper Direct is worth buying due to its massive collections and affordable price. You’ll also get a free sample and a complimentary shipping fee throughout the UK mainland. 

Is Wallpaper Direct Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect
facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect https://facebook.com/Wallpaperdirect

You don’t have to worry about the quality because big brands are partnered with this company. Therefore, the product you’ll get is of the best quality, whichever room you renovate. So, what kind of pattern will you choose? 

Is Wallpaper Direct Legit?

Indeed, this company is legitimate due to its secure SSL website and detailed information. At first, you may be scared, but worry not because Wallpaper Direct provides all queries that a customer need. 

You’ll see the contact person information, policy, to address you can visit if you have complaints. Thus, no need to worry anymore. Instead, trust this biggest supplier in the UK so that you can transform your house to a better look! 

Where to Buy Wallpaper Direct

Home designers and homeowners who want to renovate may immediately purchase the wallpaper in 2 ways. First, get it online from the official website and receives a free shipping perk when you buy over £100 without any promo code. 

In contrast, customers who prefer live shopping can visit the nearest Brewers local store. Do you remember that Brewers is the one who owns Wallpaper Direct? 

Well, it proudly protects and supports the company by selling the same product displayed on the official site. So, are you ready to purchase a building supply

Wallpaper Direct Contact Number

Having some difficulties in selecting murals pattern? Or perhaps you can’t use your discount code first order? Worry not because you can ask customer service through these ways: 

The team’s available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00. Meanwhile, they will be online from 8:30 to 16:00 on Saturday. Please visit the addresses below if you need to meet eye to eye.

Wallpaper Direct Address
Eastbourne, East Sussex, 
BN23 6NY, UK
C. Brewers & Son, Ltc Address
123/127 Ashford Road, Eastbourne, 
East Sussex, BN21 3TR, UK


Dig deeper on Wallpaper Direct

Want to know more about this brand? Look no further than reading the following section! 

What size are the Wallpaper Direct samples?

The sample size is A4. 


Wallpaper Direct is the market you must go for when you need a wallpaper reference for a room. You’ll find many collections, from a basic color to a bolder shade. 

In addition, the company’s reputation makes it worth checking. You’ll see why 37K customers are satisfied with their service and products. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s place an order now!

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