Waterdrop Filters Review

Who makes Waterdrop filters?

Water crises may happen anywhere, which leads to an alarming issue for all living creatures. This idea brings Waterdrop Filters to innovate water filtration products for the world. The name implies to provide clean and clear water until the last drop. 

Waterdrop Filters Review
Image credit: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA
facebook.com/WaterdropUSA https://facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

Its legal name is called Ecolife Technologies, Inc, and it was founded in 2015. It does not mention the founder or owner, yet the company’s products change everyone’s life to have cleaner water without harmful elements. 

This company believes that recycling action is better than purchasing more daily gallons. Instead, it encourages customers to install easy filter replacement instructions in their houses to get better water quality. 

Its NSF-certified products feature activated-carbon filtration to reduce 94.7% of chlorine. As a result, the company is featured in famous press such as Forbes, Good Housekeeping, the Spruce, BobVila, etc. 

Also, more than 20.6K followers on Facebook and Instagram pay attention to this company. Then, let’s dig deeper into the best-selling products in this Waterdrop Filters review. Without stopping by, let’s get started! 

Why Waterdrop Filters?

Is Waterdrop filter a Chinese company?

Many of you must be curious whether this company is American or Chinese. The answer to that question is Waterdrop Filter is a California-based brand. However, they are not made in the USA. Instead, the company manufactures it in Qingdao, China. 

Why Waterdrop Filters?
Image credit: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA
facebook.com/WaterdropUSA https://facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

Furthermore, here are some highlights you must know about it: 

Waterdrop Filter Highlights 

  • Activated-carbon filter for under the sink, whole house, to outdoor uses 
  • High-quality products promoting cleaner water 
  • Sold more than 10 million ++ 
  • Provides subscription with additional discount 
  • Offers Water4Smile Program to help Uganda’s people 
  • Independently NSF-certified for safe drinking water 
  • Ships domestically 
  • Receives 30K 5-star rating reviews on Amazon 

What's On Waterdrop Filters

You know that there are a variety of water filters. They also promote different functions, whether for households or commercials. So, which type of filter you may get from this company? 

What's On Waterdrop Filters
Image credit: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA
facebook.com/WaterdropUSA https://facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

Here are 13 categories you’ll immediately see when you visit the official website: 

However, let’s focus on the 4 best-selling below so that you can efficiently understand this Waterdrop Filters review

Then, let’s dive into the first product immediately! 

Waterdrop Filters WD-RF10 Undersink Water Filter Reviews

Say hi to the WD-RF10 Undersink Water Filter, an affordable product that can extend the filter life. It features premium materials. made of BPA and lead-free. In addition, its reliable use can improve filtration on the under sink filter. 

Waterdrop Filters WD-RF10 Undersink Water Filter Reviews
Image credit: waterdropfilter.com
waterdropfilter.com https://waterdropfilter.com

It reduces chlorine, taste, odor, rust, and heavy metals. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the quality since a third party tests it. You’ll love using it because the product is compatible with WD-UA/UB/ and UC connections

This replacement water filter also features a compact design. It is efficient because you only need 3 seconds to install and replace. Twist it thoroughly, and you’ll be ready to provide another clean water for your family! 

Waterdrop Filters UKF8001 Fridge Water Filter Reviews

Do you need a filter for your Maytag Fridge? If so, this supreme NSF-certified UKF8001 Fridge Water Filter can be the best option. It is designed with a perfect fit with a 0% water leak possibility. 

Waterdrop Filters UKF8001 Fridge Water Filter Reviews
Image credit: waterdropfilter.com
waterdropfilter.com https://waterdropfilter.com

The high absorption value will reduce harmful elements due to Sri Lanka’s coconut shell carbon block. Those include chlorine, bad taste, odor, rust, sediment, etc. 

Furthermore, the brand sells this WD-UKF8001 directly to your house. Then, you’ll get the most affordable price and can filter the fridge from harmful materials. 

Waterdrop Filters Chubby Pitcher Water Filter Reviews

Are you searching for an easy way without installing a new faucet? Then, this humanized Chubby Pitcher Water Filter is the best answer! Why? Because it has a wooden handle to hold up to 200 gallons and has a 400% faster flow rate. 

Waterdrop Filters Chubby Pitcher Water Filter Reviews
Image credit: waterdropfilter.com
waterdropfilter.com https://waterdropfilter.com

This water filter can reduce chlorine by up to 97.4%. In addition, you’ll taste no odor, heavy metals, and other harmful elements. It is certified by NSF 42 and 372, meaning it has lead-free material to ensure your drinking water is safe. 

When you use this pitcher, you can enhance the 5 times filtration capacity. The filter will long last up to 3 months. Also, the smart life indicator will tell you if you need to replace the filter. Thus, you can use it anytime and drink clean water continuously! 

Waterdrop Filters Countertop Faucet Water Filter Reviews

This last product will be a game-changer in your life. The Countertop Faucet Water Filter promotes easy installation and lets you get clean water with only one switch. In addition, the texture is made of 304 stainless steel, which is BPA and lead-free

Waterdrop Filters Countertop Faucet Water Filter Reviews
Image credit: waterdropfilter.com
waterdropfilter.com https://waterdropfilter.com

This smudge-proof even fits standard faucet, allowing you to install it easily. It will flow fast and stable water, up to 1.6 GPM. Furthermore, you don’t need much energy because it can last up to 8,000 gallons, allowing you to replace it once a year! 

With safe and natural mineralization, you’ll drink no chemical elements. The filtration performance is supreme, reducing chlorine, odor, bad taste, and even heavy metals. Indeed, these 5 filtration step is what you need to get clean water access. 

Waterdrop Filters Installation and Replacement Instructions

As you know, the company offers 13 categories, from under-sink filters to refrigerator filters. Since products are abundant, you may feel concerned about the installation.

However, no need to worry because you will find User Manual on every product’s detail. This manual contains specifications, precautions, instructions, FAQs, etc.

Ensure to follow the procedure so you will not make a mistake during installation. So, which of the product will you install first in your house

Is Brita or Waterdrop better?

Water filters are varied, allowing you to choose your preferred brand. This also happens to Waterdrop Filters company. People try to compare its products with other companies, such as Brita. 

We will compare the pitcher from these two to give you more insights. If you’re curious, take a look closer at the table below. 

Waterdrop Filters Pitcher Brita Pitcher
  • 200-gallon capacity
  • 3-month filter replacement
  • NSF-certified
  • Activated-carbon filtration process  
  • It costs $28.99
  • 10-ounce capacity
  • 2-month filter replacement 
  • It does not have NSF certification 
  • Uses standard filter to reduce chlorine and other contaminants 
  • It costs $36.99

Waterdrop Filters Pricing

You must know the product features and functions, and looking for its price is important. Below is the table that can provide you with the abovementioned products’ price information. 

WD-RF10 Undersink Water Filter $24.99
UKF8001 Fridge Water Filter $16.99
Chubby Pitcher Water Filter $28.99
Countertop Faucet Water Filter $79.98

Waterdrop Filters Promotions 

  • Spin the wheels and get special offers
  • Subscribe to the official website to earn discounts 
  • Check the Special Offers page for current sale 
  • Use code JULY50 for $50 off $400 orders (limited up to 31/7/2023)
  • Apply code JULY100 for a $100 discount on your $1000 purchase (limited up to 31/7/2023)
  • etc.

Then, are you ready to purchase your desired product at a cheaper price? 

Waterdrop Filters Pros and Cons

Do you have more understanding of this brand? If you need deeper insight, look at the pros and cons below! 


  • Water filtration to promote cleaner and free of harmful elements 
  • Provides quiz to ease customers in choosing the product 
  • Ships to the US only 
  • Free economy shipping fee
  • Spend $200+ to enjoy a free standard shipping fee 
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30-day return policy  


  • No international shipping 

Waterdrop Filters Customer Reviews

Before purchasing the products, knowing the testimonials is a must. You’ll see why this company gets much attention from customers. So, let’s see whether they are satisfied with the purchase! 

Waterdrop Filters Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA
facebook.com/WaterdropUSA https://facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

First, here are 4 ratings of the abovementioned water filters: 

Below is what a satisfied customer said: 

… The water quality is outstanding for the price. I have used many pitcher over the years. However, this one is the best I have owned so far!

This customer stated that Waterdrop’s Reverse Osmosis g3p800 product was the best he had ever purchased. Furthermore, the water quality he received is excellent! 

Another customer said: 

Works so great with no leaks. The water tastes extremely better than the disgusting water that coming out from the faucet. Now, it is actually drinkable.

This customer stated that the faucet filter he bought is so incredible. It works amazingly and does not produce leaking. In contrast, the water from his faucet is now clean! 

In short, Waterdrop Filters performs the best filtration for all customers. The ratings it gets are mostly perfect, meaning most customers are satisfied with the products. 

Is Waterdrop Filters Worth It?

Is Waterdrop a good product?

Many of you do not trust this company thoroughly and decide to search for it on Reddit. However, it is no need anymore because Waterdrop Filter is worth checking out

Is Waterdrop Filters Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/WaterdropUSA
facebook.com/WaterdropUSA https://facebook.com/WaterdropUSA

The company ensures to provide the best with 5-stage filtration. It allows you to get high-quality water that is drinkable.

Furthermore, the water has no harmful elements thanks to the filtration process. So if you want to access drinkable water, look no further than buying products from this company! 

Where to Buy Waterdrop Filters

This company intends to provide easy and accessible products. You can purchase your desired cubes, alkaline filter, or gravity filter on the official website. Furthermore, the free economy shipping fee is ready to save you money. 

Authorized retailers are also available if you are not used to purchasing from the official site. You may get it through Amazon, Walmart, etc. So, which method do you prefer the most? 

Waterdrop Filters Contact

Do you need assistance in buying the products you desire? No need to worry; immediately contact customer service, and they will help. Here are the contacts: 

The team is ready 24/7 to answer your email. However, Live Chat is also available for fast response. Suppose you need to meet the team face to face, here is the address you may visit: 

US Business Address
Ecolife Technology, Inc. 
1951 S Lynx Pl
Ontario, CA
US 91761
China Manufacturer
Qingdao Ecopure Filter Co, Ltd.
13 Yishengbai Road,
Environmental Protection Industry Zone,
Jimo, Qingdao, China, 266201


Having access to clean water is a blessing. If you have not passed yet, trusting Waterdrop Filters is your best action. This company offers 5-stage water filtration made of safe and natural elements. You can transform the water from a faucet to a drinkable one!

This new condition allows you to drink odor-free and delicious water with no heavy metals. So, when will you change this situation into a better one? Let’s get the product and drink clean water now! 

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