Build with Ferguson Reviews

What is Build with Ferguson?

Christian Friedland founded the strongest distribution of building supply in America in 2000. The company he’s growing is called Build with Ferguson. It is a retailer based in Chico, CA, offering high-quality plumbing and appliances

Build with Ferguson Reviews
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Every DIY specialist who loves to arrange and decorate their house must find this company impressive. Why? Because it offers showroom and one-on-one consultation with the expert. Further, they can manifest the free Project tool efficiently. 

You’ll find many famous brands in this retailer, such as Baldwin, KitchenAid, Kwikset, etc. Although you may not find it in the press, the company gains much attention. It gains about 1.5 mio followers on Facebook and 143K on Instagram. 

Therefore, this Build with Ferguson review will accompany you thoroughly, starting from the all-rounders, pricing, and testimonials. Do you want to know more? Then, start reading this article immediately! 

Why Shop at Build with Ferguson?

Well, trusting a company isn’t easy. You know it well, don’t you? So what thing that this company must have to gain your trust? 

Why Shop at Build with Ferguson?
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Let’s begin with the highlights below: 

Build with Ferguson Highlights 

  • Building supply collection from the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. 
  • E-commerce with high-quality brands in the US
  • Provides showroom in several locations 
  • One-on-one consultation for a special project 
  • Offers catalog online, coupons, and special deals 
  • Purchases available on the site and applications 
  • Ships to the US territorial 
  • Receives many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Build with Ferguson

After knowing the highlights, this section will tell you about the company’s product categorization. As a DIY specialist, you know well that the building supply varies. What are they? 

What's On Build with Ferguson
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Here are the 10 you’ll see: 

Bathroom Kitchen Lighting Fans Hardware
Bath Fans
Door Knobs
Door Levels
Keyless Entry
Appliances Flooring Cabinet  Outdoor HVAC
Ice Makers
Carpet Tile



In contrast, this Build with Ferguson review will only elaborate on 3 items below: 

Without any further ado, let’s start the discussion! 

Build with Ferguson Hinkley Lighting Bathroom Vanity Light Reviews

Are you going to decorate your bathroom? Installing this Hinkley Lighting Bathroom Vanity Light must be your first priority. It is made of steel and features brushed nickel or chrome.

Build with Ferguson Hinkley Lighting Bathroom Vanity Light Reviews
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You’ll love the well-made design because it can cast light. Further, you may install it based on your preferences, whether upwards or downwards.

This 3-bulb vanity light features opal glass cylinder glass. Also, it only requires 120 voltage and 100 watts/bulb. So, where will you place this 22.5 x 7.5 x 6 inches lighting inside your bathroom? 

Build with Ferguson Baldwin Taper Passage with Rustic Square Reviews

As discussed, the company offers building supplies to support DIY specialists. This Baldwin Taper Passage with Rustic Square is a must-have component for decorating your house

Build with Ferguson Baldwin Taper Passage with Rustic Square Reviews
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Why? Because it promotes a durable lacquer finish, perfect for your hallway or closet. You may even install it on an entrance or backdoor. The product features round and square corners, allowing you to install it efficiently. 

So if you want decor that can demonstrate an architectural style, look no further than this passage. Hence, will you get this item safely because it has a limited lifetime warranty? 

Build with Ferguson Architectural Mailboxes Roxbury Post Mount Mailbox Reviews

This galvanized steel Architectural Mailboxes Roxbury Post Mount Mailbox will impress your neighbourhood whenever you place it in front of your house. It features a 1-year warranty and is made for long-lasting. 

Build with Ferguson Architectural Mailboxes Roxbury Post Mount Mailbox Reviews
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It has predrilled mounting holes, allowing you to install it when it arrives at your door. This post-mount mailbox is 8.85 lbs weight.

It is 62 x 8 x 20 inches, perfect for any mailing or package. Hence, are you interested in placing this gorgeous, well-made mailbox to decorate your house more beautifully? 

Build with Ferguson Showroom

This company tends to create a professional shopping experience by providing a showroom. The facility also includes a one-on-one expert consultation to review your project. As a result, you can see how to match the products for your house. 

This facility is located across the US. You can check the places by visiting the showroom near me page and input the zip code. Then, you’ll see which one is closer to your region. After that, book a consultation and visit the place immediately! 

Build with Ferguson Pricing

Not only can you focus on the product qualifications, but pricing knowledge is also important. So, how much budget should you prepare? 

Below is the price of the abovementioned products: 

Also, here are some promotions and coupon codes you may use: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for the latest coupon code 2023
  • Propose a special price on the official site 
  • Join the affiliate program to get a commission 
  • Login to your account and get up to 46% off August Sale 

Don’t forget to visit the Coupon tab on-site to get clearance offers. So, click the following link for more deals! 

Build with Ferguson Pros and Cons

Every company must have pros and cons, as does Build with Ferguson. Then, here is the comparison between the two: 


  • E-commerce offering building supplies and appliances 
  • Showroom available across the US 
  • Ships products to the US 
  • Free ground shipping fee for orders of $49+ 
  • Free freight shipping when you buy over $1499 
  • 90-day return policy 


  • No international shipping 
  • Receives bad rating from BBB 

Build with Ferguson Customer Reviews

Tell us if you have not understood this company thoroughly. Why? Because this section will focus on the ratings and testimonials. Please read it carefully to judge whether the company is worth your attention. 

Build with Ferguson Customer Reviews
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Let’s start with the abovementioned products’ ratings: 

In addition, here is what a satisfied customer says: 

I definitely love this mailbox! It is super elegant, very lightweight, and easy to put up. I love its detail and it looks great!

This customer loves the mailbox she receives. It is well-made, and the product is easy to install. 

Another customer said: 

It is a simple and classic fixture that is installed easily, and it looks great and updated with our Trinsic bathroom fixtures. Very pleased.

This customer is delicate because the vanity bathroom has classic mode. Further, it is perfect for her Trinsic bathroom lighting. 

In short, Build with Ferguson is amazing with its high ratings and satisfied customer reviews. Most of them can’t stop admiring the well-made designs and easy-to-install features. 

Is Build with Ferguson Worth It?

Purchasing building supply online is easy. Yet, it is unsatisfying if you can’t see the products in person. Thanks to this worth-buying Build with Ferguson, you can meet the consultation expert to discuss your project. 

Is Build with Ferguson Worth It?
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This company allows you to be creative while renovating your property. Further, you’ll gain a free shipping fee when you buy over $49. Then, what are you waiting for? 

Is Build with Ferguson Legit?

Knowing this company has a showroom, you must also be careful if its official website is legitimate. Worry not because Build with Ferguson is legit since it has a secure SSL feature. 

In addition, it is transparent for its company profile, contact person, and customer testimonials. Hence, you can check every detail of information through the official website. 

You may also visit the nearest showroom in your region whenever you need assistance. Then, the team will gladly help with your problem with house decorating

Build with Ferguson Location Near-me

You can purchase this company’s building supply from 2 places: the official website and the application. The app is compatible with any system, from iOS and Android. 

You can visit the showroom if you want to check the product quality. It features an expert consultation feature that allows you to have more insights. So, which methods do you prefer the most? 

Build with Ferguson Customer Service

Do you have a problem while login to your account? Or do you need help from customer service? If so, please don’t doubt to contact them through the following ways: 

Finding them through Live Chat allows you to get the response faster. Further, you can visit this address to meet the crew immediately. 

Build with Ferguso Location 
402 Otterson Dr. STE 100, 
Chico, CA, 95928 


Learn Build with Ferguson deeply

You may have more curiosity about this brand. If so, search for the answers in the following section! 

Is Build owned by Ferguson?

Yes, the Ferguson Enterprise owns this company. 

Is Build with Ferguson the same as Ferguson?

No, it is not the same company. However, Build with Ferguson is a subsidiary company of Ferguson Enterprises. 


Build with Ferguson is the building supply company you can trust to renovate a property project. This Chico-based company allows you to purchase all products through a showroom. 

Furthermore, you can ask for a consultation and ask whether your desired design will suit your house. Suppose you’re still confused; visit the official website and purchase what you need now! 

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