MowDirect Reviews

Rob Fagg has an idea to sell lawn equipment online. Back then, his aspiration was mocked by many people. Yet, he did not stop talking with professionals and distributors, and MowDirect was founded in 1999.

MowDirect Reviews
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Nowadays, his company has become one of the trusted UK suppliers offering lawn and garden improvement at an affordable price. You may search for any product because its collection is complete! 

In addition, it aims to provide reliable service that can ship to the UK mainland. You don’t even need to spend much on the shipping fee. Instead, prepare £7.95 to pack your order safely and arrive at your door. 

It may not feature in the press or magazine. However, many brands collaborate with the company. As a result, you can see famous options from Feider, Energizer, Mountfield, and so on. It also gets 7.8K followers on social media! 

This MowDirect review will discuss the company thoroughly, from product pricing to testimonials. So, will you stay tuned to get more information? Let’s move to the following section for more insights! 

Why Shop at MowDirect?

This company is indeed a reliable shop for treating your lawn and garden. It prioritizes customer affairs by promising 3: Quality, Expertise, and Service

Why Shop at MowDirect?
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Further, the following highlights will tell you more about its plus points. Look at the list closer! 

MowDirect Highlights 

  • Trusted UK lawn improvement supplier
  • Founded since 1999
  • High-quality products and functional 
  • Provides expert consultation through a call 
  • Offers many discounts and clearances
  • 3D secure payment features 
  • 30-day guarantee policy  
  • Ships to the UK mainland
  • Trackable shipping method 
  • Receives many good testimonials from customers 

What's On MowDirect

Buying a lawn improvement tool is not easy since there are many pieces of equipment. So, which one does the brand sell to you? 

What's On MowDirect
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Below are 12 categories you may find from it: 

Lawn Mowers Lawn Tractors Lawn Care
Hedge Trimmers Brushcutters Chainsaws
Vacs and Blowers Power Tools Tillers
Garden Essentials Home and Garden Refurbished Items 

It also offers Parts and Accessories, allowing you to search for the spares you need for your belongings. Further, this MowDirect review will discuss the 3 best-selling below: 

Without waiting any longer, let’s get into the discussion! 

MowDirect TR4870 Feider Lawnmower Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling TR4870 Feider Lawnmower, an impressive device made for British lawns. It provides an adjustable speed drive, allowing you to choose your desired pace. Moreover, it is designed ergonomically to promote comfort. 

MowDirect TR4870 Feider Lawnmower Reviews
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You’ll love cleaning your lawn because this petrol roller-mower has a steel deck for easy cleaning. The split roller allows you to turn effectively. Furthermore, this 39.2 kg device can eliminate grass in the lawn of up to 1200 m². 

The cutting width reaches 48 cm and can collect 65 liters of grass. The handle is also foldable with a soft grip. Therefore, are you ready to make your lawn cleaner with this 2-year warranty functional product? 

MowDirect 2040ECS Racing Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Are you a DIY-er who works with many home renovations? If so, purchasing this 2040ECS Racing Electric Chainsaw will greatly help! How so? This European product promotes general purpose, which is adjustable and automatic.

MowDirect 2040ECS Racing Electric Chainsaw Reviews
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You will need mains electricity to use the product. It requires a 200-watt power but is easy to control. In addition, it produces powerful use from a 40 cm guide bar. This dial-type chain-tensioning would not need any tool to work. 

Instead, the speed may go up to 10.2 m/s. The cable length is 3 meters, allowing you to move freely during your DIY project. It also features a 2-year warranty. So, what kind of project will you finish first using this chainsaw? 

MowDirect 45-0101 Agri-Fab Tipping-Trailer Reviews

Do you need a heavy-duty trailer that can bring a vast material? Well, this 45-0101 Agri-Fab Tipping-Trailer is a perfect option. It is compatible with most lawnmowers, allowing you to transport any material from stone, sand, and cement. 

MowDirect 45-0101 Agri-Fab Tipping-Trailer Reviews
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Moreover, the product is scratch-resistant and can weigh up to 340 kg. This 70 x 33 x 29 inches body is made of steel with a powder-coated finish. It is 42 kg in weight, with a 3.6 m³ load volume with an easy maneuver with large pneumatic tires. 

Since it is huge, the trailer is durable and robust. This item will make your job easier, even when unloading bulky things. Therefore, what will you transport first during the lawn cleaning? 

MowDirect Pricing

You know that the company is the UK supplier you can rely on. But what about its price? Is it affordable enough to purchase? Here is the price categorization of the products above. 

TR4870 Feider Lawnmower £599.95 £489.95
2040ECS Racing Electric Chainsaw £119.99 £66.95
45-0101 Agri-Fab Tipping-Trailer £459

MowDirect Promotions 

  • Enjoy a £20 discount on your first-time order 
  • Get hot deals on Post Summer Clearance 
  • Grab £300 on several Feider lawn tractors with TRAC300 coupon code 
  • Receive free oil on any petrol-powered item purchases 
  • etc. 

MowDirect Pros and Cons

For those of you who are unsure about the company, please read the following pros and cons. Then, find the plus and bad points below! 


  • High-quality home garden essentials 
  • Innovative and easy-to-use devices 
  • Offers new and refurbished products 
  • 30-day guarantee included in every purchase 
  • £7.95 shipping fee to UK mainland 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No international shipping 
  • Every returned item will be charged a 20% restocking fee 

MowDirect Customer Reviews

Surprisingly, this company receives a 4.2/5 rating from 14.4K reviews on Trustpilot. But how many ratings do the abovementioned products get from customers? 

MowDirect Customer Reviews
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Here is the detail: 

Further, here is what a customer says: 

This mower arrived within a short time and it was reasonably so easy to assemble. It goes so well – a good buy!

This customer is happy because the mower he bought functions well. In addition, it comes faster in his house. 

Another customer says: 

Excellent saw, does the job in the garden effortlessly. Great tool, easy-to-use, and has no maintenance requirements than the petrol which I was also looking at. Also, it is not too noisy! …

This customer is thankful because the chainsaw effortlessly works for his garden. Moreover, it does not produce a loud noise. 

The last customer says: 

We believe that Mowdirect is very helpful. We had an issue, and they have sorted it for us without hesitation. So, we’ve been so pleased with their service.

This customer finds the company helpful because the team is responsive when they face a problem. As a result, he is satisfied with the service. 

In short, MowDirect is the perfect shop you can look for whenever you want to treat your lawn better. Therefore, you can purchase it at an affordable price and use the helpful products for your yard.

Is MowDirect Worth It?

After reading the review above, you can conclude that MowDirect is worth checking out due to its promises to ensure the customer’s shopping experience. You don’t have to worry about the company since it is responsive and worth it. 

Is MowDirect Worth It?
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In addition, you can purchase any lawn and garden equipment that comes from high-quality brands. This supplier allows you to check the product you need and buy it at the most affordable price. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter because it will share many discount codes and coupons. Therefore, do you know which item you need? If you hesitate, you may even ask for advice from the expert team. So, start shopping now! 

Where to Buy MowDirect

This company is famous for its high-quality lawn equipment. Yet, you can only purchase the products through the official website. This leading company will prepare your package immediately. 

Although it isn’t available on the marketplace, you may benefit from buying from the site. Why? Because you may get a £20 discount code on your first-time order. So, let’s check the stock availability and shop now! 

MowDirect Customer Service

Purchasing a lawn and garden improvement is not cheap. Instead, you must buy them at the best price. Yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t face any obstacles. If you do, please get in touch with the team at: 

Please patiently wait because the team may need 24 hours to reply. Meanwhile, here is the address you can visit if you want to meet the team face-to-face. 

MowDirect Headquarter
2 Stockton End, Sandy, 
Bedfordshire, SG19 1SB


Dig deeper on MowDirect

Do you have more questions? Look no further than reading the section below! 

Who owns MowDirect?

The company’s founder is Rob Fagg. 

Where are Mow Direct based?

The company is based in Bedfordshire, England. 


Buying lawn equipment online through the UK mainland is now easy, thanks to MowDirect. This supplier offers many high-quality products coming from high-quality brands, too. Everything is ready here whether you need a lawn tractor or garden essentials! 

Also, you can trust it because the company gets many high customer ratings. They are satisfied with the service because the team is responsive. So, what kind of item do you need now? Book an online consultation with the expert and thoroughly clean your lawn! 

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