KeySmart Review

It is not hard to find key holders in the marketplace. But, finding key organizers with excellent designs that help owners to manage their keys is somewhat challenging. This is the major concern of KeySmart.

KeySmart Review
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Just admit that we mostly feel annoyed with the bulky keys that we should bring every day. We are bothered by the sound of those keys. Not to mention the damaged pockets of our jeans because of keeping those keys.

KeySmart is the answer to such problems. This design was inaugurated after a series of making prototypes, testing as well as redesigning over months. As a result, it’s not only functional but also light and durable.

Launched in 2013, Kickstarter was the first product of KeySmart. Now, this product has been developed with the integration with the Find My app on all Apple devices. This is such a very beneficial innovation that everyone can take advantage of.

As of now, they currently boast a high number of fans, 245k followers on Facebook and 91k followers on Instagram. That’s no joke. You can also be the one if you already try the product from this brand.

Interested in getting to know better about the brand? If so, continue reading this KeySmart review just below.

Why KeySmart?

Having any product from KeySmart is what you should consider. You can get a compact key organizer which can hold several keys without worrying about the size.

Every product goes through steps of development until it satisfies users who demand simple solutions for their daily problems.

This brand understands that modern people need reliable key holders to ensure comfort and safety. Currently, they proudly introduce their product, KeySmart Max. It is the most refined product that delivers excellent features, such as:

  • Locating lost keys and phones by using the Tile app or a 150 ft Bluetooth range that is integrated with maps
  • Louder ringtone for faster finding
  • Making the lost phone ring, even on silent mode.
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • A brighter flashlight and free multi-tool

What's On KeySmart

There are abundant choices for KeySmart. One of the best-selling products is KeySmartPro with Tile from the Key Organizers EDC series. This product has lots of beneficial features for its users, such as:

What's On KeySmart
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  • You don’t need to waste time finding lost keys because it is integrated with your device
  • You can locate your lost keys because this device can make the missing keys ring
  • What’s more, you can even track your missing phone and make it ring, even when you have set it up on silent mode
  • KeySmartPro can organize up to fourteen keys
  • It is rechargeable.

There are some other recommended products for buyers to choose from. Another special product that most women adore is KeySmart iPro Rose Gold.

As the name implies, it has a special appearance in rose color. Yet, this SmartKey organizer is also distinguished with the integration of The Apple Find My App. Among the most excellent features of this product include:

  • Easy to track with the Find My app on iPhone devices by finding the keys’ last location on a map
  • Rechargeable long-life battery with battery level indicator
  • Notification alert when you leave your keys behind
  • Organizing up to fourteen keys plus a car fob.

What Does A KeySmart Do?

All products from KeySmart make things easier for users. Say goodbye to conventional key holders that make your pockets bulky.

What Does A KeySmart Do?
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What’s more, many products can take on the conventional multi-tool holder. So you don’t have to bring our keys altogether, but also beneficial tools like a bottle opener, pocket knife, and so forth.

They also offer KeyChain Accessories. There are more than twenty kinds of accessories for buyers to choose from. Among the best-selling KeyChain Accessories include MagConnect Pro, Bag Hang, Cork Smart, NanoStylus, Pocket Clip, Folding Knife, MultiTool, and a lot more.

KeySmart Mini Review

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose Key Smart Mini. This product still has its own benefits, such as:

KeySmart Mini Review
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  • Organizing five keys plus car key fob
  • Light Resistance for rotating keys to create simple leverage
  • Saving space on pocket and purse
  • Made of durable stainless steel with a matte finish and a black band with thermoplastic polyurethane material
  • Easy to customize with any accessories

Thanks to easy leverage, it works perfectly for keeping your keys anywhere.

KeySmart MagConnect Review

MagConnect delivers such a comfortable method for us to put car keys and other tools together on the keychain or KeySmart. Its excellent features include:

KeySmart MagConnect Review
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  • Simple attach and detach feature from keys to items
  • Compatible with KeySmart or Keychain
  • Secure attachment with its strong magnet
  • Perfect for car key fob as well as other accessories of keychain

It is absolutely game-changing because this tool can quickly attach/detach from any key, while the magnet is super strong, so it’s highly safer.

KeySmart vs. Orbitkey

If you are in the middle of looking for the one that best meets your need and confuses about selecting the one between KeySmart and Orbitkey, this table may help you:

  KeySmart Orbitkey
Material Aluminium, stainless steel Leather
Capacity 14 keys 2-7 keys
Length 76mm 4.8 inches
Weight 3.2 ounces 1.44 ounces

KeySmart Pricing

Something cheap is always best! Same as this brand has to do. They give affordable price tags to their customers because they know that only having this kind of key organizer shouldn’t have to be costly.

Therefore, they price their products mainly from $15 to $75. It depends on the product’s features, like compactness, features, and forth. Don’t worry. They often give a special price, mainly when there is an event.

KeySmart Pros and Cons

The best thing about KeySmart products is their sophisticated features that are compatible with the latest technology. Besides, this brand introduces a great array of key organizers, tools, and accessories.

KeySmart Pros

  • It is very helpful as key organizers
  • It is lightweight with excellent, durable material
  • It is equipped with sophisticated technology that is integrated with the latest mobile app
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fully secure checkout
  • Available with customized design

KeySmart Cons

  • Free shipping is only available for US residents

Is KeySmart Worth To Buy?

There is no doubt that KeySmart is worth buyers’ money because all products are totally extraordinary. All products are more than just key holders. They offer abundant benefits that no other similar product can offer.

Is KeySmart Worth To Buy?
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Prices are very affordable and worth paying. They also introduce customized KeySmart products for company owners to promote their brands. They are perfect as merchandise products that help boost companies’ promotion. For US residents, free shipping is applied.

KeySmart Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Understandably, when we look at something, we must know what people — who have already bought the product — give the review. So in this section, KeySmart review will provide information about what customers say about them. Check it out down below.

KeySmart Customer Reviews
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One happy customer says about the product KeySmart Pro with Tile:

Previously purchased “key smart” only. Amazingly efficient and extremely compact. It can even fit in my pocket. “Tile” is the perfect compliment to locate those elusive well compacted keys.

Another verified customer gives his statement about how compact, quiet, and comfortable to use the product.

This is the best key holder I’ve ever used. I keep all my keys in my pocket, and this keeps the keys neatly tucked in without having them bulky and loose, poking holes in my pockets. Now I have 8 keys in the Keysmart, but it takes up no more room than a couple of keys. I’d highly recommend this brand for all men who carry their keys in the front pocket.

Unarguably, they all told the truth. The product has the quality and great features, making a lot of people amazed by what the brand has to offer. How about you? Want to give it a try? Let your life be easier with this kind of tool too!

KeySmart Customer Service

Feel free to ask the brand’s customer service team any questions by filling in the contact form on their official website or by emailing them at: Luckily, they’ll be happy to answer you within 1 business day.

Where To Buy KeySmart

Besides their official webpage, you can purchase their products in a popular retailer stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. But of course, we highly recommend heading over to their official website since they offer many deals that are not available outside.


The following are some frequently asked questions about KeySmart that might help answer your curiosity.

Is KeySmart made in USA?

Yes, all of the KeySmart products are handmade in Chicago, USA.

Who is the founder of KeySmart?

KeySmart was founded in 2013 by Michael Tunney.


After reading the KeySmart review above, the brand has been the name to trust among millions of users. They find each product here helpful for their daily activities. They don’t only organize their keys very well but also ensure that they won’t find problems in finding keys and tools any longer.

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